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The retired midfielder who has had success at Arsenal, Inter and Man City spoke about Carlos Tevez's situation and about Sepp Blatter's recent comments on racism.

Patrick Vieira has spoken about his former Manchester City Carlos Tevez in lieu of all of the recent surrounding controversy about the striker.

The retired midfielder admitted that it is tough to talk about the Argentine's situation as Vieira is still employed by City as a member of the front office but said that the club owes a lot of its recent success to the forward.

"I think it's really difficult to talk about the Carlos Tevez situation because the inquiry is going on and it's not really good to get involved. But of course, the club is where its at the moment because I think Carlos Tevez really contributed to that situation," Vieria told World Football Daily.

He added, "Last year, Carlos scored goals for the club when it's been fantastic for the football club."


Tevez scored 20 league goals for Roberto Mancini's side last year, helping to secure its first Champions League berth as the club finished third.

Despite seeing Tevez off the roster save for three appearances, City is five points clear on top of the Premier League table. Vieira credits this to the depth of finishing that City has recruited over the past two years, proving that the club's attack isn't solely reliant on Tevez.

"The players have responded really well," Vierira explained to the podcast. "Everybody is currently focused on their jobs and all credit to the players because they've been working hard, like I've said, and up front, players like Edin, Aguerro, Mario are scoring goals and it's really good for us."

Vieira also took time to speak with World Football Daily about Sepp Blatter's recent racism comments. The FIFA President claimed in a CNN interview that racism doesn't exist in his sport and Vieira believes that those comments are off the mark.

"I think there is racism in football. I think there is racism when you go to play some games around the world," Vieira said.

"Saying that racism does not exist in football, I am not really agreeing with Mr. Blatter.  There is racism, that we have to fight against, and we have to do everything we can to fight against it."

Check out World Football Daily's website to listen to the full interview with Vieira.