Chelsea's Andre Villas-Boas looks to follow Arsenal example in recovering from humiliating loss after 5-3 defeat

The Blues boss believes his side can bounce back in the same way the Gunners did after 8-2 mauling at Old Trafford, but refuses to compromise his side’s attacking principles
Andre Villas-Boas believes Chelsea can draw inspiration from Arsenal’s powers of recovery after Saturday’s 5-3 defeat at Stamford Bridge.

"Arsenal have made a very good recovery, they are the exact example we are speaking about," he told reporters. "Arsenal were considered dead at the beginning and they were calling for Wenger's head, or the media were."

The Gunners reached their lowest ebb after an 8-2 annihilation at the hands of Manchester United back in August, but have now won seven of their last eight matches in all competitions.

Villas-Boas believes his London rivals have set an example to be followed with their recent form, and is looking for a similar reaction from his players to their own humiliation.

Saturday’s thriller at Stamford Bridge was the latest in a series of freakish scorelines in the Premier League this season, and Villas-Boas admits he is at a loss to explain it.

“Nobody would bet on the results that have been happening in the Premier League this season,” he said.  "The results that are happening reflect how chaotic the game is and how beautiful it is at the same time.”

There have been suggestions that Villas-Boas may have to adopt a more pragmatic approach to avoid similar defeats in the future, but the Chelsea boss is adamant his side will not jettison their attacking philosophy after of a couple of poor results.

"For the fans, it is a good spectacle, for the neutral supporter,” he said.  “For the supporter of that team, you want to play beautiful football and you want to win. So we need to get the two together."

He added, "Everyone is praising a strong, attacking team like Man City and we are exactly the same. We just have to make the most of our opportunities and try to score them."

"It's the route that we are taking and we want to do the things properly. The players have talent and they enjoy it. So we will try to get things right.”

Villas-Boas also believes there is too far to go in the season to make confident predictions about the Premier League title race, although he did concede he is worried about letting Manchester City get too far ahead at the top of the table.

“At the moment the challenge is not going our way too much of the time in terms of the points distance to the leader,” he admitted. "The Premier League changes dramatically so much that it's unpredictable. It happened to us on the wrong side last year and we have to believe it can happen on the good side this time."

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