Manchester City's Kolo Toure determined to prove doubters wrong

The center-back is hoping to show people that he does not need to take pills to improve his performances after completing his six-month ban for using a banned substance

Manchester City’s Kolo Toure is determined to prove that he can perform at his best without diet pills when he makes his return to Premier League action.

The former Arsenal defender told City TV, "I feel 24, 25 years old. I want to show all the people who think Kolo Toure needed tablets, water tablets, to be a better footballer. I just want to show them and that’s what I will do.

The Ivorian center-back has completed his six-month ban and is now back in training as he attempts to show that he is good enough to return to Roberto Mancini's team.

The 30-year-old took what he thought were diet pills but was given the suspension when they were revealed to be bendroflumethiazide, which appears on the list of drugs that are banned by the FA.

"I will give 100 percent in every single game to show those people I don’t need water tablets to be a strong man. I’ve been in this league for almost 10 years now, being unbeatable with Arsenal, doing a lot of good games. I just want to show them."

Toure remained upbeat during his ban even though he was not allowed to train with the rest of the squad until last month and revealed that he is eager to reboot his career at City.

"Sometimes when you come every day to training you can’t realise how big it is to be a footballer," he said. "I just realised how much we are lucky to be footballers and be able to play for a football team like City.

"To be able to come back and train with the team, come into the training ground, it’s great."