UEFA boss Michel Platini insists goal-line technology is not needed

Former France star is convinced football does not need goal-line technology.
UEFA president Michel Platini is adamant that introducing goal-line technology in football is not necessary as it will only remove the human error element of the game which attracts fans.

FIFA decided to reconsider the matter after the 2010 World Cup where Frank Lampard’s goal against Germany was not allowed and sparked controversy worldwide.

Asked about introducing goal-line technology, Platini told the Sunday Times: "Why should we? So we can eliminate doubt whether a ball has crossed the line? But I eliminate doubt with the use of additional referees in the Champions League and the Europa League.

"The day we have goal-line technology, five minutes after you will ask for offside technology. We will have that for ten years and then you will ask for penalty area technology.

"I don't want this in the game. Football is human, football is organized by people and we have the most popular game in the world because it is human."

Platini went on to say that the goal-line shouldn't be the first place to place technology should be used if it is introduced.

"If we need technology, we need it more for offside than for goal-line. Ten times in a game there may be a dispute about offside, one time every 40 years there is a need for goal-line technology.

"Never once in my career was a goal given when the ball was not over the line, or not given when
it was, and you want to put technology in all of the stadia of the world for this? I don't

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