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Blues boss admits that his charges are not the best in the league ahead of the game against Sir Alex Ferguson's men, but insists that the two sides "don't have secrets"

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Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti insists his charges are a combination of Arsenal and Manchester United, but admits they are not the best in the Premier League.

The Italian boss believes the league table is the best way to determine the best team in the league at any point, and concedes that his charges have not been the premier club in the top-flight.

"We have a different quality compared to the other teams, different ability. I don't think we are the 'best'. The table speaks," Ancelotti said, according to Sky Sports.

"Until now, the best team have been Manchester United. Arsenal, I've been happy to watch them play too. Their football is very good.

"Manchester United are a very pragmatic, efficient team. When they attack, they are strong and quick and they defend really well. Chelsea are a combination of those two teams."

But now the Blues have a chance to go on top of the table, but would first have to beat United in the upcoming game at Old Trafford.

The Londoners are three points behind the league leaders and are level on goal difference, which means that a victory over Sir Alex Ferguson's men would see them surge past their title rivals to take the pole position.

"We don't want to see the celebrations of United," said the former AC Milan boss. "If they have to win the title, maybe they have to postpone them to the next game."

Only recently, Chelsea lost twice to United and crashed out of the Champions League, which prompted critics to believe that the club's campaign would end with no honors.

"We said to the players to consider this moment. We had an opportunity to show character and personality," Ancelotti said.

"A lot of people thought Chelsea would go down in the Premier League after that defeat.

"I said to the players: 'Focus there. This is a great opportunity'."

The title chasers have not lost a single league game since bowing out of Europe, and now have the opportunity to seize the initiative in the title race, but Ancelotti admits that there is nothing significant that Chelsea can hide from United, and vice versa.

"I think that Chelsea and Manchester United don't have secrets," he said.

"They know very well every aspect of their football and their skills. They know us, we know them.

"I learned that [Wayne] Rooney is the key player for United, and also [Ryan] Giggs against us was the best player."

The reason that the focus rests on this game is due to the Red Devils having lost to Arsenal with Chelsea having beaten Tottenham during the same week.

"If Arsenal didn't win that game, it would be a different atmosphere around our game," conceded Ancelotti.

"The turning point was Arsenal and our victory against Tottenham."

"It's time to win. It's always the same message to prepare for this game. Be calm, relax, and believe in yourselves.

"There is not a lot else to do. The players are motivated themselves."

There has also been a fair amount of speculation concerning Ancelotti's future, with some reports pointing towards him potentially losing his job at the end of the season if the Blues do not beat United.

"We will see after the end of the season, maybe the week after," he said. "That's what they've said to me. That's when we will speak about the future."

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