Michel Platini: UEFA Have The Courage To Punish The Biggest Clubs

UEFA president Michel Platini insists that the organisation will punish any side with heavy debts under Financial Fair Play rules
France legend and current UEFA president Michel Platini has spoken out about the organisation's Financial Fair Play Regulations, insisting that UEFA are not afraid to impose sanctions on the biggest clubs in Europe if they are unable to operate within the guidelines set by the new ruling, which comes into effect in the 2012 financial year.

"When there is a deficit of €1.2 billion in European football, there is a danger," claimed Platini to La Razon. "If the question is whether I will have the courage to punish the most renowned clubs, my answer is yes."

Many have doubted UEFA's willingness to sanction the bigger clubs in Europe, with such giants as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Chelsea spending freely, and this is a clear statement of intent from Platini that the organisation will stand by their policy.

The declaration also comes after a busy transfer window, which saw huge amounts of money switch hands, a situation which UEFA have already officially addressed, insisting that they were certain the teams were aware of the ramifications of failing to meet UEFA's guidelines.

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