Iraqi Footballer Shot Dead By Fan

A football fan shoots a rival player and kills him in an act of sheer madness as tragedy strikes the world game.
Iraqi footballer Heidar Kazem was shot in the head and killed by a rival fan after he scored for Sinjar against Buhayra on Sunday.

Reports indicate that the player had just scored and had begun to celebrate before a shot was fired from the crowd. It is believed a rival fan brought out the gun as he was angry his side went down. With no regard for anyone, the fan took aim and pulled the trigger.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and tried to save the player's life, but their attempts were in vain. Kazem was taken to hospital, but died en route, according to Iraqi officials.

This latest tragedy to hit football happened in Hilla, around 100 kilometres south of Baghdad. Reports suggest a man has been arrested by Iraqi authorities in connection with the killing.

Iraq will be taking part in the Confederations Cup in South Africa later this year.

Salvatore Landolina,