Carlos Vela flirts with El Tri

The erstwhile Real Sociedad striker has offered his strongest hints yet that he may be willing to return to the national team.
There was bad news for Carlos Vela and Real Sociedad in the Champions League on Tuesday, but in a postgame interview with ESPN the Mexican gave the strongest hint yet that he could be ready to return to El Tri.

“I’ve never closed the door (on returning),” said Vela.  “I always told (Jose Manuel) Chepo (de la Torre) that it wasn’t because of problems with anyone, it just wasn’t the right time.”

The implication seems to be that now could be a more opportune moment, with Victor Manuel Vucetich replacing De la Torre and Mexico making difficult work of qualifying for Brazil 2014.

“If they consider it adequate and they call or I call, we’ll talk and come to a conclusion,” he added.

The statements come just days after Vucetich made it clear he would not be ruling Vela out of the squad, although the Cancun native stressed there has not yet been any contact from the new Mexico coach.

If he is to come in to El Tri’s squad for next month’s games against Panama and Costa Rica, Vela urged against labeling him as a potential savior.

“No person is going to come and change the world, or a national team,” said Vela.