Cesc Fabregas not worrying about free-scoring Manchester City

City smashed through the 100-goal barrier in just 34 games this season, but the Blaugrana playmaker says "a football player never worries about a game."

Barcelona playmaker Cesc Fabregas has the utmost respect for Manchester City but says he is not worrying about Manuel Pellegrini's free-scoring side.

The English outfit made headlines last month by breaking the 100-goal barrier in what was just its 34th game of the season.

Fabregas is well aware that Barcelona will have to defend better than it has been if it is to keep City's attackers at bay, but he says that the Blaugrana are looking forward to the challenge.

"A football player never worries about a game," the in-form midfielder said ahead of Tuesday's last-16, first-leg meeting at the Etihad. "You just play with passion, you play with commitment, with determination, and you just want to win the game. There's nothing to worry about. You just want to be the best team and go through.

Fabregas continued: "I think [City] are a great team. They are doing well in the league, well in Europe this year and obviously it's going to be a very competitive match, a good tie to watch from a fans' point of view, so I'm very excited about it.

"Especially defensively I think we will have to be very strong. We have suffered a little bit lately because teams they only attack us two or three times a game and they get too much of what they deserved. We are attacking a lot. Teams, they just want defend against us and they play the counterattack and we cannot allow them to play the way they want and we have to control the game very well, so we can score goals."