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The match at St. Jakob Park was briefly stopped after activists abseiled off the roof to unveil a banner attacking Russian energy company Gazprom, one of the Schalke's sponsors.

FC Basel’s Champions League Group E match with Schalke was temporarily halted by daredevil protestors on Tuesday.

Environmental activists abseiled from the roof of the St. Jakob Park to unveil a large banner attacking Gazprom, a sponsor of both the German club and the tournament itself. The game was stopped after just five minutes, but resumed moments later after the culprits were removed from the stadium.

The banner, which read ‘Don’t foul the Arctic’ underneath a Gazprom logo, was also removed before play continued. The protest was reportedly carried out by members of Greenpeace and was focused on drawing attention to accusations that the Russian energy company is responsible for pollution in the polar region.

Carrying the Twitter hashtag #FreeTheArctic30, it was also in protest of the arrests of 30 Greenpeace activists on piracy charges for boarding a Gazprom oil rig.