Dortmund chief: Manchester City should be thrown out of Champions League

Hans-Joachim Watzke has slammed the presence of rich benefactors at the English club, demanding Europe's governing body must investigate any suspicious sponsorship deals.
Borussia Dortmund chief-executive Hans-Joachim Watzke has declared clubs like Manchester City should be thrown out of European competition if their owners "pump crazy money" into their teams with "back-door" sponsorship deals.

The 53-year-old stated the Bundesliga champion will not sacrifice its financial model in favor of an overseas benefactor akin to Sheikh Mansour at Premier League champion City.

Watzke warned UEFA's new Financial Fair Play model is doomed to failure unless the governing body investigates the sponsorship deals clubs are making as they attempt to avoid new financial regulations.

"UEFA must find the thin line between sponsorship and excessive back-door funding. They must show strength to expel big clubs," he told reporters.

"No tycoon should be allowed to pump crazy money into a club with sponsorship from five companies he controls. If that happens, financial fair play will fail."

Current rules in the Bundesliga stipulate all teams must be at least 51 percent owned by club members, meaning a third-party investor would not be allowed to take overall control of a side.

However, the significant backing of Sheikh Mansour has allowed Dortmund's Champions League opponent Manchester City to become a footballing force in recent years. Despite their sudden growth, the Dortmund CEO has no interest in sanctioning such ownership.

"I would not even welcome him [Mansour]," he said. "Maybe at other clubs, but what if the Sheikh, as shown by Malaga, lost interest? Then it becomes critical.

"The fact is that the Bundesliga has caught up considerably, thanks to their sound banking practices. This will eventually be expressed by results."

Of the upcoming Champions League clash between the two sides, Watzke said it will be a tight game due to the standard of players on show.

"There will not be many goals," he speculated. "At European level, you do not get as many opportunities as in a normal league game."

Meanwhile, BVB coach Jurgen Klopp assured that his side has devised a plan to stop its English opponent in the Champions League, despite the array of big names in the team's ranks.

"Manchester City are really strong and are peppered with absolute superstars. However, we have a plan," Klupp told Bild.

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