Sanchis: Current Bayern team similar to Real Madrid in 1998

The former Blancos defender feels that the Bavarian giants are very much like the team he won the Champions League with under the experienced trainer 14 years ago
Manuel Sanchis feels that Jupp Heynckes has built a team at Bayern Munich that is similar to the Real Madrid team that won the Champions League in 1998.

Bayern beat Madrid 2-1 in the first leg of its Champions League semifinal tie at the Allianz Arena last week, and Sanchis feels the Bavarians' performance was typical for a side coached by Heynckes, after playing under the German during the 1997-98 campaign.

"There are certain coaches who rely on a strong defensive structure, and there are others who let their teams attack, utilizing the qualities of their forwards. I think Heynckes is someone who creates a balance between defense and attack," Sanchis was quoted as saying by the official UEFA website.

"He manages to create very balanced teams and as a result his teams are strong. Heynckes puts a big emphasis on balancing defensive and attacking work on the training ground.

"He builds a solid team with an ability to close the game out, or open it up when necessary. When teams aren't balanced they fail to possess these qualities. He brought that quality to the '98 Madrid team and I noticed that the current Bayern side operate in a very similar way."

Bayern Munich defends its 2-1 lead from the first leg on Wednesday when the club takes on Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu.