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The football supremo has hinted at new proposals for video technology.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has promised to review plans for the introduction of video technology in football following another week of controversy involving referees.

His announcement comes just days after Fiorentina were beaten 2-1 by Bayern Munich - a game that was influenced by several mistakes from referee Tom Henning Ovrebo and his assistants.

While Blatter has always resisted calls for video technology to assist match officials, he has come out publicly and promised action will be taken.

"I woke up after a tranquil night where I hadn't even watched television, but when I read the morning papers I jerked as once again the referees made the news for wrong decisions," he told Tuttosport.

"Therefore I can confirm that on March 6 at the International Board meeting in Zurich we will be talking about the introduction of technological support for match officials."

Fiorentina may see this as too little, too late after Miroslav Klose's offside winner. His goal would have been chalked off if Ovrebo had had video assistance.

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