Women's Professional Soccer suspends play for 2012 season

The league remains hopeful that it will be able to continue after a year off in 2013.
Women's Professional Soccer announced that its Board of Governors has voted to suspend the 2012 season.

According to a release, the season was suspended so WPS could "focus on the resolution of certain pending legal issues and the challenges that now face the League as a result of its ongoing dispute with a former owner."

The owner the league is referring to is Dan Borislow, the MagicJack boss who took the league to court after being kicked out of WPS last season for violating terms of ownership.

"We firmly believe there is a place in the global sports landscape for Women's Professional Soccer," said WPS CEO Jennifer O'Sullivan. 

"Making the decision to suspend the 2012 season was a difficult and painful one, but it is necessary to take the time to address current issues and solidify our business in order to provide appropriate support needed to achieve the League's long-term goals."

O'Sullivan added that the league is still hopeful it will be able to return in 2013.

"With our supporters and athletes in mind, we are committed to complete the hard work necessary to resume play in 2013 and reestablish WPS as the premiere women's professional soccer league in the world."

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