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The American midfielder hopes more opportunities arrive for players as the ranks of owners from the USA increases.

Landon Donovan may not want to waste time considering a move to Roma, but another American midfielder, Benny Feilhaber, seems more intrigued by the possibility.

In an exclusive interview with, the New England Revolution player shared his positive outlook about American owners in Europe.

First of all, Feilhaber admitted that he had not been personally contacted by Roma's Thomas DiBenedetto as a potential recruit for the club.

"I haven’t heard anything outside of a few reports that said that the team was interested in a one or two players," Feilhaber explained.

Yet Feilhaber was excited about the idea that DiBenedetto, in his interest to sign some of his countrymen, could start a trend, one that would ultimately benefit the US national team.

"Obviously, Roma is a big club and a top team in Europe," said Feilhaber. "If some Americans get the opportunity to play there, it would be a great opportunity for us and it would have a huge impact on our national team."

Oguchi Onyewu signed with AC Milan in 2009, but the central defender got very little playing time before being loaned to FC Twente in Holland.

Still, Feilhaber seemed to believe Serie A could be the right fit for certain American players.

"It’s good for all of us to see Americans progress and get those types of opportunities." Feilhaber stated.

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