Editors' Roundtable: TV Coverage, Donovan Buy, USA Fringe

The Editors discuss a bevy of topics.
Allen Ramsey: Does anyone else find it sad that Danica Patrick gets more time on ESPN than soccer?
Shane Evans: She's a babe.

Luis Bueno: She's average.

Evans: No way, man - those Godaddy commercials are great.

Ramsey: I can think of at least 10 hotter female athletes easily.

: I gave up on ESPN a long time ago. And I say that as just a general sports fan rather than a soccer pundit. I love the NFL ,but I get my NFL fix from the NFL Network, not ESPN. Similarly, I go to the 'net for my soccer fix. And I don't care about the NBA or college basketball or golf or NASCAR so there's no need for ESPN. Baseball and hockey, I can get info other places as well.

Evans: There are way more NASCAR fans than there are soccer fans.

Andrea Canales: Does ESPN do soccer a disservice, to protect its own interests?

Evans: I think ESPN is trying to make waves for soccer pre-World Cup.

Bueno: I will say that ESPN does well in providing coverage of soccer, such as the games they show and stream online but in terms of analysis and news on their television networks, it's just not there.

And isn't that the problem? They show matches and want to try and get people who love soccer to watch the sport, but then they spend twice the time on a sports show on analyzing a driver who doesn't win, rather than anything on the match. It's mindboggling to me.
Bueno: Still, I'm sure I'll be glued to ESPN and Univision this summer, flipping back and forth between the two.

Zac Lee Rigg
: I watched the entire 2006 World Cup in Spanish. The only Spanish I speak is, "je ne parle pas l'espagnol."

: Speaking of TV coverage, how do you guys feel about the job FOX is doing with the Champions League?
Evans: I'm still waiting on my HD

Canales: Nice piece on that, Zac.

: Here's a bit of news that just broke. Marouane Fellaini is out for the rest of the season. Do you guys think that impacts their decision to try and keep Landon Donovan?

Canales: They don't play the same position, so they can't be looking to LD as a replacement.

But it does bounce Arteta into the middle.

Bueno: Fellaini's out from the injury where the consensus was that he should have gotten a red card?

Rigg: A small bit of poetic justice still exists in the world.

Canales: I didn't think he deserved a red card.

Bueno: No, he didn't. This injury shows he wasn't exactly in position to deal a red-card worthy hit.

Evans: I don't agree with that, Luis.

Canales: But back to Allen's point - does it affect Everton's chase of Donovan?

Everton could lose Saha and Cahill and I don't think that would make it any more likely that Donovan would stay. I don't see MLS budging on the original deal. MLS wants to have Landon around, so unless it's some ridiculous offer, I don't think MLS would even consider anything but a short-term deal.

  What if Everton starts losing a lot when he's back? Would they move for him after the World Cup? If they don't miss a beat, seeing as other players are returning from injury, I don't think they'd be as interested.

I don't think the question is about MLS. I think the question is whether or not it forces Everton to pony up more money.

Bueno: Of course, I think unless you are a Galaxy fan, most American soccer fans would rather Landon stay right where he is instead of coming back stateside.

Canales: If you were Everton's chairman, what would you offer for LD?

I'm not sure I'd offer the money MLS will want. But if the difference is missing Europe next year, or playing in Europe, I might be forced to make the deal.
Evans: I'm not sure Everton even have the money. Times is tight on Merseyside.

Canales: That's not a a dollar figure. Times is tight, fine, what would you offer?

No more than $8 million.
Bueno: It's going to take more than he's worth to get him, just because I don't think MLS is willing to let him go. Not to say he isn't worth millions because I think he is.

Rigg: I wouldn't offer anything. If you don't have enough money to afford a player, it's insulting to lowball them. Phil Neville confirmed that Landon will return to LA in March, and that the best he can hope for is another short loan next year. If I were Everton's chairman I wouldn't even bother with an official bid.

Evans: $7.5 million and Carlo Nash.

Canales: Looking ahead to the USA national team, who on the fringe do you believe will surprise and come on strong and make the World Cup roster?

Bueno: Gooch will surprise everyone with his recovery. I don't think we'll see anything other than a Gooch-Boca pairing in South Africa, barring cards of course.

: DaMarcus Beasley?

Beasley is one to look at, especially if Stu Holden and Ricardo Clark struggle.
Evans: I don't think Holden makes the team.

Bueno: I don't think Beasley is completely out, just because he has the experience, but he really needs to get back on track, and avoid injury

I think the guys in Greece still have an outside shot if they keep getting minutes. Freddy has a very, very outside shot. He not only needs to play really well, but he also needs some of the other guys, (Holden, Rogers) to not play up to par.

Bueno: I think whenever Adu does well, people are quick to say "Yup, Freddy is on track" but I'm not sure that the coaching staff feels the same way. We'll see on March 3 how much they think of him. I think if he gets a chance to play against the Netherlands that day, that would say a lot.

Very true.  For me, he still pretty far down the list of midfielders, but he's not off the list. Every World Cup one or two outsiders make the roster because of injuries or the bad form of others.

Bueno: I'd like to see Torres get his way back onto the team.

I think he'll be there.
Bueno: Turns out, Torres has a good left-footed shot.

Canales: Yeah, that freekick goal for Pachuca this weekend was great.

Bueno: And his celebration was that of a seasoned goalscorer.

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