EXCLUSIVE: USA's Beckerman Back To Work

Midfielder Kyle Beckerman reflected on the loss to Honduras and recent personal accomplishments.
CARSON, Calif. -- It was cool and sunny day in southern California as the United States National Team practiced on the grassy fields of the Home Depot Center for their upcoming battle with El Salvador in Tampa, Florida on Feb. 24.

“I think everyone was eager to get back,” said midfielder Kyle Beckerman exclusively to Goal.com.

Though it has been three weeks, the loss to Honduras on January 23 still lingers in this training camp. “This new camp underway is a chance to get that bad taste of losing out of our mouth and move on and try to prepare for this next game.”

With beads of sweat emanating from his forehead and latching on to his trademark dreds, Beckerman took time to further analyze what happened on that night in question, insinuating that making wholesale changes was not an issue, “It just wasn’t good enough from us against Honduras.”

Now that he understands the errors of their ways versus Honduras, the midfielder is now focused on what needs to be done in this campaign. “The hard work, the focus and try to bring a higher level and keep that up to maintain it. And believe in that system and move on, and then we should be really prepared for this next game against El Salvador.”

The mood shifted when Beckerman spoke about his recent accomplishments on the field, namely, a 2009 MLS Championship Cup and being called up to the US National Team by head coach Bob Bradley. “It always definitely super exciting when you get called in, it’s an honor…it’s a great opportunity. So I’m just going to try to work hard [and] take it one day at a time.”

Through the excitement, Beckerman, always the professional, remained humble and modest and tried to keep things in perspective. He aimed to, “Not really get too amp’d up about it.”

Beckerman was aware that there is still a long road ahead of him, as he outlined his upcoming goals, “Try to fight for a starting spot. If it comes, then it comes; right now I just have to focus one day at a time.”

There is little doubt many would give everything to have an opportunity to represent their country on the grandest stage of them all: the World Cup. But the hard work, the determination, the focus and discipline of Beckerman has earned him that chance to try to convince Bradley he is worthy of the opportunity. “I’m just going to try to take full advantage of it and really try and do the best I can do and hopefully it's enough, and if it's not, then keep pushing and working hard.”

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