Goal.com Editors Predict The USA – Brazil Final

Miraculously reaching the final, the USMNT will take on a very talented Brazil side.
Very few people thought they'd get this far, but low and behold the U.S. Men's National Team is in the Confederations Cup Final.

Scheduled for Sunday, both teams are going into the competition with a great deal of confidence and it will undoubtedly be an exciting match.

Similar to the semifinal round against Spain, the Goal.com editors have shared their thoughts about how they think the match will turn out. Read their predictions below.

Luis Bueno, Mexico Editor
"The United States overcame monstrous odds just to reach the final, but the American players won't be content with just showing up to their first-ever FIFA final. The Americans will put some early pressure on Brazil and force the South Americans on their heels a bit early on. The U.S. will carry their surge in momentum and confidence through to the end of the tournament and will pull off their second consecutive stunning result with a 2-1 win over Brazil to claim their first FIFA trophy."

Andrea Canales, Chief Editor
"I have a feeling it will be a scoreless draw - but I'm not more optimistic than that for the U.S. I think the Americans will be confident defensively, and they've figured out how to stay calm against top teams, but the pressure of the final could rob them of the finishing touch on the few chances they might have.

Going to penalty kicks - it's not often I pick against Tim Howard, but I have to say, Julio Cesar is great. U.S. loses in shootout, then, heads held high."

Shane Evans, Associate Editor
"I think tomorrow's final will be a much better match than what we saw between these two teams earlier in the tournament. Confidence is everything and the U.S. have it right now. Brazil barely sqeaked by South Africa in their semi-final match, and aren't riding as high as they once were. Regardless, the quality of the players in Brazil's XI will be the difference and I think they'll edge the U.S. in a 2-1 final game."

Greg Lalas, Editor, Goal.com Magazine
Live in Johannesburg
"I can tell you it is a lovely, chilled day here in Joburg. I think this helps the US. As does the incredible confidence the Americans picked up by beating Spain. But the key is the defensive organization that the US now has with Carlos Bocanegra back in the lineup. Kaka' and Co. will try to dance, but I think this US defense can shut down the space enough to make their samba as static as the robot dance. And Charlie Davies is obviously a difference-maker for the US side, providing a fast, brash threat up top, something the US didn't have in the first meeting with Brazil. I'm going out on a limb. 2-1, USA.

Allen Ramsey, Associate Editor
"Prediction time again, and more hilarity sure to follow. I won't make a bold Shane Evans type of deal with you, but I am going to roll with my heart instead of my head and pick the U.S. this time around. I know, it's crazy, but who cares. It's never easy to beat the same team twice in a week, even if you are more talented than they are. Add to that a U.S. squad that is playing for their first major title and running high on good mojo after toppling Spain, and you've got the makings of a Cinderella story. I'll take the U.S. in overtime, 3-2."