US Coach Bob Bradley: We’ve All Enjoyed Michael Jackson’s Music

The topic of conversation at Bob Bradley's press conference touched on the recent passing of "The King of Pop."
JOHANNESBURG—No one on the United States team is going to wear a white glove during Sunday’s Confederations Cup final against Brazil, but US coach Bob Bradley admitted the team had been affected by pop star Michael Jackson's death.

Well, he kind of admitted it.

At a press conference on Friday afternoon, a Brazilian journalist asked whether the US team was going to do anything special in light of Jackson’s death earlier in the day. He called Jacko's passing a “tragedy” in Brazil.

Bradley seemed dumbfounded by the question—we were all at a football press conference, after all—but grinned and bore it well.

“He’s an icon in the US and around the world,” Bradley said. “None of my players remember the Jackson Five, but I do. A few probably remember Thriller.”

The press room actually enjoyed the lighter touch of the response.

“We’ve all enjoyed his music,” Bradley said.

US captain Carlos Bocanegra was three years old when Jackson’s Thriller, the best-selling record of all-time, was released in 1982.

“Are we going to do anything to honor Michael Jackson? Is that what you’re asking?” Bocanegra said. “No.”

Greg Lalas,

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