Poll Results: USA Deserved Mexico Victory

After the opening match of the last round of World Cup 2010 qualifying, we asked the Goal.com readers if the United States was worth its 2-0 victory over Mexico. A majority thought so.
The USA national team defeated Mexico 2-0 in a soggy and tense encounter in Columbus. We asked you, the Goal.com reader, if the result matched the play within the game, and if the USA was worth its victory.

A hefty 61% of voters agreed that the U.S. deserved to win. A Michael Bradley brace helped echo the score that the USA defeated Mexico in the 2002 World Cup, but Mexico spurned a handful of chances themselves.

19% of voters recognized those chances, and said that although the U.S. edged it, the game was relatively close. Things might have turned out quite differently if Giovanni Dos Santos had buried his shot in the 3rd minute or had kept his head when alone in front of goal.

Some took those chances, and greater possession overall, a step further, and claimed that Mexico would have won on any other day. That group boasted 13% of voters.

Rounding out the votes was 7% who claimed that the scoreline was preposterous and flattering. This bunch is surely still seething about Rafa Marquez's red card and the goalkeeper mistake that led to the second goal.

61.00% Yes. They were the dominant team.
19.00% They just about edged it, but it was close.
13.00% No. On any other day one of those chances would have bounced Mexico's way.
7.00% No. The scoreline was preposterous and flattering.

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