Comolli: I would sign Dempsey if I was at a top six club

The former director of football at Liverpool admits he would be looking to sign the American if he was still at the club, citing his contract situation and fee as the reasons.
Former Liverpool director of football Damien Comolli says he would be looking to sign Fulham’s Clint Dempsey this summer if he was at a top Premier League side.

Dempsey has established himself as a key member of the Fulham team in the past few seasons and is enjoying his best campaign yet, scoring 22 goals in all competitions so far, 16 of which have been in the league.

The American is currently sitting in limbo with his employer, with his contract at Craven Cottage due to expire in just over a year, a situation that Comolli believes teams should be looking to take advantage of, despite him approaching his 30th birthday.

“It is very difficult to say, but with the player having only one year left on his contract and his transfer fee probably reasonable, the answer is probably yes [he would make a bid]," he said to Soccer Report Extra. “I would not be surprised [if a big club moved for Dempsey] because for instance when Chelsea signed Raul Meireles from Liverpool last summer, Raul was 29, it was a very, very high amount.

“So sometimes it is what you need. Are you under pressure to do something? What are your credentials for signings? Some clubs have different philosophies, so anything can happen in football. I respect everybody’s opinions and philosophies because everybody sees things from a different angle."

Comolli pointed to Tottenham signing Scott Parker as another transfer that makes a move for Dempsey seem reasonable.

“If you look at the big five or six in England, last season Tottenham signed Scott Parker who is about 30, for 5 million pounds, but they had the need and thought that was the right thing to do at the time,” he said.

With teams appearing less inclined to spend big money on aging players, Comolli admits some sides would look elsewhere, but he also points out that things are rarely that simple.

“It is difficult to have rules where you say you will never do that. It’s easy to say it, but difficult to stick to it," he continued. “Could it happen [Dempsey to a big club]? Of course it could happen.

“He is a player I have always liked. I even tried to sign him at Saint-Etienne. He has always been a very good player and this year all of his skills have shown even more because he has scored more.”

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