Dempsey's Diary: Things change with a family

In another diary entry for, the U.S. international and Fulham midfielder talks about how his family life in London and explains why he decided to join Twitter.
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Family Life in England

Things have changed for me since I got married and my wife joined me in London.

Having a wife and kids is great because no matter if you have a good or bad game, you come home and they’re going to love you the same. When I first came over, I didn’t have anyone to come home to. I was by myself. When you have a bad game or are going through tough times, you don’t have anybody to get your mind off of things.

It lifts your spirits to have your family around. No matter if you’re having a bad day, when you come home and your kids give you a hug. It changes the way you look at things.

It was difficult at the beginning when I first moved to England because my wife was still finishing her master’s degree at Appalachian State, so we weren’t able to be together and had to have a long-distance relationship. But we were able to figure out a way to make it work.

Getting married and having kids was always something I wanted to do in life. That’s mostly because it is what my parents did and their parents did and so on. It was all about people taking commitment very seriously and having to work to make it happen. And that’s what we had to do.

Now we’re settled with two children living in London, and our daughter, the oldest, is in preschool here.

I think it’s important to find the right kind of school for your children so that they can get the best education possible. You want to be located close to the school in case something happens and you need to be there quickly. We were able to find that with our daughter.

However, traveling can be stressful when you have a family. Any time we go home to the U.S. it’s a seven- or eight-hour flight, and that’s always difficult with kids. The good thing is that we don’t have to make that trip too often. We do it once in August when the season is starting and my wife and kids usually go back once during the middle of the year around January or February, and then at the end of the season when we all go home.

You’re only looking at three trips a year, so it’s not too much. And we’re lucky enough that both sets of our parents are able to come over and see us, so the kids get to be around their grandparents.

I finally joined the Twitter world

For me Twitter has been fun so far. I’ve only been on for a few weeks and we’ll see if that honeymoon period wears off.

I was always the person that said I would never do Twitter. I just wondered what the point was. People are going to be reading what you’re writing and may take that out of context in the media.


That’s what turned me off of it. Then I just realized that it’s going to happen regardless. And now I just want to be out there speaking for myself instead of having other people trying to pretend to be me.

I also wanted to interact with the fans, and to keep up with the guys that I play with, to have some banter, talk some trash and make some jokes.