Charlie Davies Says He Hasn't Been Ruled Out Of Anything

The striker claims reports about his fitness are false.
US striker Charlie Davies' fitness has been one of the biggest stories for the USA leading into the World Cup. Early this week reports surfaced that he wouldn't be fit in time, with the French press citing a member of the Sochaux medical staff.

Davies says the reports just aren't true.

“Whoever is saying these things is trying to take the confidence out of me and doesn’t want me to succeed,” Davies told The New York Times. “For me, it’s just more motivation.”

Davies also said he first saw the report on the internet and was shocked.

“I follow on Twitter,” he said. “I saw the report, ‘Davies Loses Fitness Battle,” and was like, I just did a fitness test yesterday and I passed it!”

Sochaux, for their part, have said that nobody from the club ruled him out and plan to issue a statement to the media.

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