Quick Kicks: Aalborg's Marcus Tracy

Noah Davis caught up with the young player for the latest series of Quick Kicks questions.
Nickname: Trey

Club Supported: "Not really"

"I think my speed running with the ball, my air game, and my quickness."

Getting used to the technique and tactics in Denmark

Soccer Heroes: "Messi is one that I really like. I have a lot of respect for his game and the way that he plays. He's a very unique player and there's no one else like him."

Career Highlight:
His two game-winning goals.

Views on MLS:  "I think it's a good league and it's definitely a league I was considering. It's growing. It's definitely a good place where you can still develop your game."

Tunes on the iPod
: "Everything." Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Leslie, The Dream

Dream Car:
"Not really, but I have to say that when we went to Man City, Robinho had a Lamborghini. I forgot which one it was, but if you're going to  put one down, say Lamborghini."

Something We Don't Know About You:
Produces music with a friend of his brother

In Five Years: "I don't know. Hopefully somewhere in Europe playing soccer. Maybe France, Germany. Who knows, if the music career jumps off before then, I don't know."

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