Borjan: Canada needs 'to pick our heads up'

The Canadians lost in stunning fashion to Martinique on Sunday, but there is still a job to be done, says the goalkeeper. Interim coach Colin Miller echoed Borjan's statements.
While the final result may have been a shock, Canada was not surprised by the overall attacking play of Martinique when the island nation won 1-0 in the Gold Cup opener on Sunday.

"We knew they would be athletic, we knew that they would be a little bit unorganized at times but they would be able to attack, and that's exactly what they did," Canada's interim head coach Colin Miller said. "I take my hat off to them because they were dangerous going forward."

While Martinique did look threatening at times, a lot of that was down to Canada's team defence looking disjointed, from the midfield back to the goalkeeper. That lack of familiarity led to many chances for the islanders that probably wouldn't have come against a more experienced, polished side.

"We just maybe collapsed a little bit too deep at times, but that's a result of fitness levels and so on," Miller said. "Fair play to Martinique, they kept going right until the very end."

It was right at the death that Martinique struck the fatal blow, with the game's only goal coming deep into stoppage time. The result brought about an on-field celebration for the players from the island nation -- which is actually a French overseas department and not actually a sovereign country -- while it led to stunned silence by the defeated Canadians.

"There's no talk, there's nothing," goalkeeper Milan Borjan said of the atmosphere in Canada's locker room immediately following the game. "We've just got to pick our heads up and go to the next two games and try to do our best."

Unfortunately for Canada, the task gets much tougher in the final two group games. The match against Martinique was supposed to be the easy one in a group that also includes regional powers Mexico and Panama.

"Here, there's no easy games," Borjan stated. "In football there's no easy games. Every game is hard."

For a Canada team that has scored just a single goal since being demolished 8-1 by Honduras in World Cup qualifying last October, it's especially tough when the defence gives up juicy opportunities as it did Sunday.

In Miller's view, it's just one of the many things that Canada has to fix in what is set to be a massive project for incoming head coach Benito Floro.

"It's clearly a concern when you give chances up, but we're not 89th in the world or whatever we are because we're fantastic at everything we do," Miller said. "It's a rebuilding process, we can't expect miracles."

As for the immediate future, Miller hopes that his young side can get over Sunday's devastating result quickly and focus on a big challenge later this week.

"The good thing is we've got a nice easy fixture with Mexico to look forward to now," Miller said with a laugh. "If any Canadian player ever needs motivating to play against the top country in CONCACAF then there's something seriously wrong with him.

"I'm hoping just the fact that it's a big fixture against Mexico, against a powerhouse in CONCACAF, will be enough motivation for guys to pick themselves up."

Zac Lee Rigg contributed additional reporting from Pasadena, Calif.