Nick Sabetti: Eddy Sebrango deserves nothing less than a fond farewell

The Impact veteran will play his last game at home on Saturday against the Revs, and for all that he’s given to the club and fans, he deserves the utmost display of gratitude.

In a bid to get the fans out to Saputo Stadium on Saturday, the Montreal Impact put up a notice on the club’s website this week highlighting the 10 reasons why Impact fans should come out and support the team in what will be its final game of the season against the New England Revolution. 

One reason not mentioned, however, and probably the most important reason to come out to the game on Saturday, is that it will likely be forward Eddy Sebrango’s last game with the club.

In his eighth season with the Impact, Sebrango has only started one game with the first team this year and is hoping to get another chance on the weekend.

"Obviously, I would like to play,” Sebrango told reporters on Tuesday. “I don’t know what [Jesse Marsch] is thinking, what his idea is. I’m just going to be prepared like I always do and hope I get the call.

“I haven’t played very much this year, especially at home. [Even] just a few minutes at home, it would be nice to play in our last game. It’s probably going to be a full house. The fans supported me over the years and they keep supporting me, so it would be nice to get involved and enjoy the last game of the season."

Head coach Jesse Marsch said that Sebrango would definitely get his chance against the Revs, though he will probably come on from the bench.

“There is a chance [that he will play] I’ve already spoken to Eddy and told him to be ready,” Marsch stated. “Eddy has been so great within our group this year. He’s gone through little injuries that have had little setbacks for him, but what he’s meant to the team and what he’s meant to the group has been a lot, it’s meant a lot. So for sure he’s going to factor in this weekend, just not quite sure how yet.” 

Despite not having played much this season, Marsch explained that Sebrango has been such a great presence within the team and an exemplary player in the side.

“He’s a real guy,” said Marsch. "He shows up every day, he works hard, he leads by example, he talks with the young guys and it’s always nice to have the guys with the most work rate to be your veteran guys so that the young guys can see that that’s what it takes to be in the game that long and be successful. And he’s really just a great guy.”

Sebrango has served the club well. Through thick and thin, he’s always given everything of himself. With his goals, he brought joy and excitement to the Montreal fans during the more drab days in the second tier of North American soccer. If he came on in the last ten minutes to try and salvage a game, one always got the feeling that he would do so, and on so many occasions he did.


For a 39-year-old veteran who only has a few days left in his career, it was remarkable to see Sebrango be the last player to leave the Impact training session on Tuesday after spending at least 20 minutes doing extra laps and drills on his own.

In a world where professional athletes are now so concerned with making as much as money as possible, Sebrango just wants to get a chance to be out on the field.

Even getting just another minute or two on Saturday against the Revolution would be enough for him. He will take any second he can get. He will love every moment and cherish every touch.

And when he does come on at Saputo Stadium, and when he does wave goodbye, he deserves nothing less than a long standing applause, for nothing marks a true footballer more than one who exudes desire and respect.

Nick Sabetti covers the Montreal Impact for Canada.