Dos Santos bemoans decisions against Mexico

The goalscorer believes the officiating benefited the team from a more recognized footballing nation.
Mexico goalscorer Gio dos Santos was deprived the role of a hero when El Tri allowed two late goals to the Netherlands and lost their round of 16 match, 2-1.

Dos Santos scored a sensational opening goal just after the break, but the Netherlands was able to turn the result and eliminate Mexico from the World Cup. The second Dutch goal came late in the match on a controversial penalty, one that dos Santos feels might not have been called had the teams' situations been reversed.

“I think we always see that the teams with bigger names always get calls in a different way," he told reporters. "I don’t know why, but I think today Mexico didn’t get fouls called, the Dutch were allowed to play as they pleased.

"The play of the penalty kick I think it’s clear, Robben had already dived, he didn’t get a yellow card and then a penalty is called."

Robben has apologized for the first-half incident dos Santos referenced but maintained that the late penalty was just.

Mexico's exit in the round of 16 marks the sixth consecutive time Mexico has exited at that stage.