Indiscipline strikes at Chivas, again

Chivas players were caught out past curfew, with the club's sporting president chastising those responsible.
Not for the first time, rumors swirled on social networking sites this weekend that Chivas players had been out late into the night in Guadalajara nightspots less than 48 hours before Sunday’s game against Atlante.

The difference this time is that Chivas sporting president Dennis te Kloese has confirmed it and added that there will be repercussions.

“We saw the topic of off-field slips in the previous season and now we have people who can step in to replace any player, should he be young, experienced or a national teamer,” Te Kloese told reporters after the club’s 1-0 win over Los Potros.

Te Kloese said he knows of two players that broke the 48-hour curfew, but there have been reports that Marco Fabian and Jorge Enriquez were also out after hours, something the Dutchman said he hadn’t known about.

The Chivas chief added that any player involved will be sanctioned economically and sent out a stern warning questioning the professionalism of those players who want to make their name outside of Mexico.

"If you are a professional player, act like a professional player," said Te Kloese, in a message directed as his squad. "You want to go to Europe? Act like a European (player)."

It’s not the first time that Chivas players have been accused of ill-discipline and the latest episode comes at a time when the team has won just once in its last 10 league games, stretching back to last season.