Nery Castillo slams Mexico’s "Gentlemen’s Pact"

The former Manchester City forward says that there is no such thing as a free transfer in Mexico.
One year playing in Mexico’s top division has left a bitter taste in the mouth of new Rayo Vallecano signing Nery Castillo. 

The 29-year-old – who played last season at Leon and the one before at Pachuca - has criticized the infamous “Gentlemen’s Pact” in Mexico, in which owners of clubs can dictate the destination of players even when their contract has run out, in clear contradiction of FIFA rules and the Bosman ruling in Europe.

“In Mexico, the word free doesn’t exist, players are tied,” former Mexico international Castillo told ESPN on Monday. “Free, in my dictionary, means I go where I want, but (in Mexico) it isn’t like that.”

Castillo said he came to an agreement with Pachuca about rescinding his contract – which had two years left on it – because the Tuzos knew any negotiation about a possible transfer “wasn’t going to be done in the way they are used to,” he stated.

The former Manchester City player went on to explain that there was an offer from another Mexican club, but that he wasn’t going to accept it, which, he said, led to pressure from Pachuca and to him training with the youth side.

But whereas Castillo had the opportunity to leave Mexico to play in Europe, where he has earned his living most of his career, others aren’t so fortunate.

“They send players to different teams every six months and the player doesn’t want to go or doesn’t feel good about the change and from my point of view that is bad,” added Castillo.

Castillo went on to suggest that players should be more united and form a stronger union to claim their rights.

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