Atlas in danger of financial collapse

Following a player protest over unpaid wages, the Atlas president revealed that the club could crumble under financial pressure.
Liga MX club Atlas’ dire financial situation became increasingly clear Saturday, with president Eugenio Ruiz Orozco stressing that the club is in danger of collapse if the organization isn’t changed.

“We can’t keep going like we are. We have to break the mold, do things differently,” Ruiz Orozco told local reporters in Guadalajara on Saturday. “Atlas is an asset for the city that is at risk of being lost.”

The players reportedly refused to travel to Torreon for Saturday’s preseason friendly against Santos Laguna – which was canceled – protesting missing wages, which will likely incur a fine from the Mexican federation (FMF).

The Zorros also had problems paying players last season, but that didn’t stop the team – then under Tomas Boy – from finishing third in the regular season and staving off relegation.

Atlas has over 120 partners that run the club. It is one of the founding teams in Mexico’s professional league, but has only won the title once, back in 1951.

It is best known for its youth team setup, which has produced players such as Rafael Marquez, Pavel Pardo, Andres Guardado and Jared Borgetti.

“Atlas has to keep going. It’s about to reach 100 years [in 2016],” Ruiz Orozco said. “Atlas must be saved.”

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