Chaco: Only Cruz Azul can lose like that

Cruz Azul conceded twice in the final minutes of the Liga MX to capitulate and allow Club America to win on penalties.
Christian “Chaco” Gimenez couldn’t control the tears after Cruz Azul lost on penalties against America in Sunday’s Liga MX final in the Estadio Azteca.

“We let all the season go to waste in ten minutes,” lamented La Maquina’s playmaker in an interview published in Central Deportiva on Tuesday. “This only happens to Cruz Azul.”

Cruz Azul has earned the undesirable nickname of “eternal runner-up” in Mexico in recent years.

The Mexico City club has finished second in four of the last 11 Liga MX championships, as well as twice coming in runner-up in the CONCACAF Champions League in the same period.

That’s six runner-up spots in just five and a half years.

“Sometimes the ball goes in when it shouldn’t,” rationalized Chaco, who joined the club in 2009. “What are we going to do? This is Cruz Azul and we have to suffer.”

Sunday’s final was perhaps the cruelest of all, with America goalkeeper Moises Munoz scoring with a diving header deep into stoppage time to take the game into extra time.

But Gimenez is attempting to put a positive spin on Cruz Azul’s season.

“I see the positives, we played two tournaments [the Copa MX and the Liga MX], winning one and reaching the final in the other.”

Former Boca Juniors player Gimenez added that he would like to stay at La Maquina and complete the last six months of his current contract.

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