Fuentes: Chivas franchise is worth $750-800 million

The Mexican club's CEO and co-owner said that the club's profitability is world-class despite not having the on-field results to match it.
On the field, Chivas may have just finished the Clausura 2013 tournament in penultimate position, but co-owner Angelica Fuentes says the Guadalajara club is in good hands off it.

Fuentes said in an interview with Bloomberg this week that Chivas, Chivas USA and the Estadio Omnilife is worth between $750 million to $800 million, which would place it in eighth place globally in accordance with the 2013 Forbes report on the world’s richest clubs.

In terms of margins, Fuentes stated: “We are probably in the top five soccer teams in the world that have that kind of profitability.”

The 50-year-old CEO also revealed a plan is in place to develop a real estate-project in the area around the Estadio Omnilife and that the club may listen to other offers when the current TV deal with Televisa runs out in 2015.

Chivas has struggled in recent seasons with rapid overturning of coaches and sporting directors, including the firing of Johan Cruyff in December after just 10 months at the club. Guadalajara only fields Mexican players and remains arguably the country’s most popular soccer club, despite having won just three league titles since 1970.

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