Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez: A 'blessing' to work with Sir Alex Ferguson

With Ferguson set to retire at the end of the season, Chicharito paid his compliments to the man who brought him to Europe.
Manchester United striker Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez heaped praise on outgoing manager Sir Alex Ferguson, describing the affection he clearly holds for the 71-year-old Scot. Ferguson announced Wednesday that he will retire following the current Premier League season.

“When I retire, it will be satisfying to say that I was one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s boys,” Mexico international Hernandez told TV Azteca. “More than an anecdote for me, I see it as an achievement and a blessing.

“It’s a source of pride to say I was with one of the best coaches in history."

Since Hernandez joined Manchester United in summer of 2010, the 24-year-old has won two Premier League titles under Ferguson and has regularly earned the praise of arguably Britain’s greatest ever manager for his attitude and goal-scoring ability.

Chicharito is reciprocal in his praise of Ferguson, describing him as a “gentleman” and adding that he lives up to the title of “Sir.”

“He treats everyone equally. He’s always helping you,” Hernandez said. “Something that impresses me is that he never lost his competitiveness; in spite of everything he won, he continues to be hungry. He’s a winner.”

Whether Ferguson’s departure will affect Hernandez’s position at the club is not yet known, although the player has never given any indication that he wants to move on, despite rumors linking him with other clubs.

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