Tigres fans protest America’s prices

Tigres supporters were shocked by a massive increase in the price of tickets for their club's match against America
Fans of Tigres are vehemently protesting Club America’s huge hike in tickets price for Saturday’s game in the Estadio Azteca between the two clubs.

Another “invasion” of the famous stadium was planned in a bid to break the record of the most number of traveling away fans ever, but the Tigres faithful were shocked when America put tickets on sale for over ten times their usual price.

A ticket that would normally cost around $8 USD has gone up to over $95 USD for fans in Monterrey buying online. In comparison, official members of Club America can purchase their tickets at the usual price of $8 USD.

“They (the prices) are ridiculous,” US international and Tigres midfielder Jose Torres told the press in Monterrey. “From 100 pesos to 1000 pesos … but it’s not something for me, I just do my job.”

Tigres fans have written an opened letter – published on fansite SoloTigres.com – asking both club presidents to intervene and reduce the ticket prices.

“The only thing we ask is to buy our tickets at a reasonable and just price,” reads the letter.

Mexico’s consumer protection bureau PROFECO could be forced to act and fine America due to complaints it has received, but the club has defended its decision, pointing out that nobody is obliged to buy tickets.

The winner of Saturday’s game will finish the Clausura regular season in first position.