Chepo: Focus on El Tri’s long-term process

The Mexico coach preached patience for those overreacting to El Tri's winless start in the opening three games of the CONCACAF World Cup qualifying hexagonal.
Mexico is without a win in 2013 and sits fifth in the hexagonal World Cup qualifying table, but El Tri coach Jose Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre is adamant that there is no immediate cause for concern.

"We understand that in competition we are judged by results, and we know that sometimes the process is forgotten a little," de la Torre said in Mexico City ahead of Wednesday’s game in San Francisco against Peru.

De la Torre added that El Tri will be attempting to improve the team’s situation in upcoming qualifying games in June and seemed to imply that the press has been magnifying the present rut.

"If you do well, they exaggerate too much and if you do badly, they exaggerate the other way," de la Torre stated. "I know perfectly what the situation is."

The Mexico coach also explained that Carlos Salcido was left out of the squad to face Peru, because he has played a lot of games recently and that the game could offer either Tigres’ Israel Jimenez or Cruz Azul’s Gerry Flores the chance to impress at right back.

"We are looking to find players in all positions that could bring something fresh and right back has been problematic," de la Torre said said. "We’ve tried more players there than in other positions, but it’s also an opportunity."

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