Jesus Corona: Copa MX final start of new era for Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul could end a decade and a half of futility by winning the Copa MX and kick-start a new era, according to its goalkeeper.
Cruz Azul goalkeeper Jesus Corona believes that lifting the Copa MX tonight against Atlante could herald the start of a successful period for the club.

“In no way are we minimizing what we are playing for; it’s a title and we’ve gone 15 years without one,” the Mexican international said. “We have the opportunity to start a new era with this game.”

Cruz Azul last lifted silverware back in 1997, when it won both the Invierno championship and the Copa Mexico.

Since then the Mexico City club has finished league runner-up on four occasions, making the Cruz Azul the subject of jokes from other fans about it being an “eternal runner-up.”

The club dominated the 1970s, wining five titles in the decade, but has struggled to win trophies since, despite regularly finishing the regular season high in the table.

But Corona and the rest of the Cruz Azul squad are trying to push the negative history to the back of their minds ahead of the clash in Cancun and are focused on breaking the so-called “curse.”

“What happened in the past, stays there, we just have to learn from what we have lived through and this Wednesday we can change all those bad moments,” explained Corona.

Cruz Azul goes into the game as heavy favorite, with Atlante struggling in last place in the Liga MX and without key players Esteban Paredes, Daniel Guerrero and Cristian Maidana.

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