Jorge Vergara denies he's selling Chivas, confirms talks to move Chivas USA

The Mexican businessman denied that he's set an asking price of $500 million for the rights to both franchises, Guadalajara's Omnilife stadium and assorted marketing brands.
Chivas and Chivas USA owner Jorge Vergara vehemently denied that he's looking to sell both clubs in the near future, refuting a report that came out early Monday afternoon.

"Stop lying about Chivas being sold," an aggressive Vergara told Jorge Ramos y su Banda on ESPN Deportes Radio. Vergara was also sore about the figure being thrown about, a cool $500 million that would include sister club Chivas USA, as well as the operating rights to Guadalajara's Estadio Omnilife.

"Chivas is worth more than $500 million, so that's a lie," he continued. Vergara would also mention that the team's parent company, Grupo Omnilife, of which he is the largest stockholder, is worth well over $1 billion.

However, Vergara did confirm a persisting rumor: Chivas USA is looking to move away from the Home Depot Center. Despite implying that he would like to stay in the Los Angeles area, the owner acknowledged that he will look into other venues. "We're in negotiations to look for options regarding Chivas USA's home base," he went on to say.

UCLA has been signaled as a potential partner and new home for the team, founded in 2005. Meanwhile, the team's new coach, Jose Luis Sanchez "Chelis", reaffirmed his commitment to pull the team up from the league's dregs.

"I want Chivas USA to be the owner of Los Angeles soccer," the former Puebla and Estudiantes Tecos boss said.

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