John Van't Schip set to follow Johan Cruyff out of Chivas

Reports from Mexico suggest that Benjamin Galindo will replace John Van't Schip as coach of Chivas.
John Van’t Schip is set to be fired as coach of Chivas de Guadalajara, according to numerous reports out of Mexico Wednesday night.

With just four days remaining to the kickoff of the Liga MX Clausura 2013, the Dutchman will reportedly be replaced by former Santos coach Benjamin Galindo.

Van’t Schip’s position with Chivas had been in jeopardy since the firing of special advisor Johann Cruyff. Cruyff brought in the former Ajax and Genoa player in at the beginning of Apertura 2012, for what was promised to be a long term project, which in the end lasted less than six months.

Galindo previously led Chivas for three tournaments in the mid-'00s.


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