Rosinei: Liga MX owners forced me to depart Mexico

The veteran defensive midfielder will head to Atletico Mineiro in his native country because of a gentleman's agreement on the part of Liga MX owners.

Brazilian midfielder Rosinei says he’s leaving Mexico not by choice, but because the so-called Gentleman’s Agreement between club owners forced him to do so.

The former Club America defensive midfielder, who struggled with injuries in his time in Mexico, says he would have signed on elsewhere in Mexico after being let go by Club America, but club owners colluded to leave him without options.

“I like Mexico,” Rosinei said. “It’s a place that will always be in my heart. But I won’t be playing here for reasons that it’s better not even to talk about.”

The Brazilian elaborated however, saying that the Gentleman’s Agreement would prevent him from moving to another club in Mexico, despite interest.

“These are things that happen here for this agreement that there is, and nothing can be done,” he said.

The Gentleman’s Agreement between Liga MX club owners prevents Mexican clubs from signing players from other clubs without providing compensation, even if that player is out of contract – a procedure defined as illegal by FIFA.

Rosinei arrived in Mexico on loan from Internacional in 2009, making the transfer permanent the following season. He will return to Brazil to join Atletico Mineiro, but he didn’t rule out the possibility of a return to Mexico in the future.

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