Rafa Marquez: Atlas management didn't want me

The recently released New York Red Bulls DP revealed in a Twitter rant that he was surprised that the Mexican club didn't want him.
UPDATED: Friday, 5:11 p.m. ET

Even after being released by the New York Red Bulls, Rafa Marquez can't stay away from controversy.

The Mexico international immediately signed with Liga MX side Leon after parting ways with the Red Bulls on Thursday but said his childhood team Atlas would have been his first choice if it weren't for the club's management.

"Atlas was my priority, I debuted there and I still care for it a lot," Marquez said. "They sent me a proposal that had no guarantee, and I believe that they did not put in the effort to bring me in. Leon offered me the necessary so I could come in."

Marquez, 33, had earlier taken to Twitter to explain to fans why he didn't join the club where he began his professoinal career in 1996.

"I think I owe an explanation to Atlas fans as to why I didn't sign with the team. One reason: their management," Marquez tweeted in a rant on Friday morning.

The defender went on to express his displeasure that Atlas tried to offer him a contract lower than his expected value and felt that the club wasn't serious in its intentions to sign him.

"I always thought about helping Atlas but they made me believe that they were not interested," he continued.

"I always gave them priority but they were unable to guarantee anything, it was disrespectful for them to offer me less than what foreign players make at Atlas."

Marquez made 77 appearances for Atlas before moving to Europe in 1999 to join Ligue 1 side AS Monaco. Marquez went on to star with Barcelona but still maintained his strong ties with Atlas throughout years. In fact, it was a big surprise when the he decided to join the Red Bulls over rejoining the side in 2010.

Despite his disappointment in his recent contract discussions with Atlas, Marquez said he's looking forward to excelling at León.

"I'm very motivated to be a part of León, I'll put all my effort into achieving important things," he stated on his account.

Eric Gomez provided translations for Marquez's quotes, which were originally in Spanish.