Chivas Guadalajara denies Cruyff wants change to Mexican-only policy

The embattled Guadalajara side moved to deny that adviser Johan Cruyff wants to open the club to naturalized Mexican players
Johan Cruyff could be set to change even more than originally thought at Chivas.

In a weekend press conference, the consultant told reporters that he thinks all Mexican nationals - not just those born into Mexican heritage - should be considered to play at the traditionally all-Mexican institution.

“If he’s Mexican and is talented, he should be able to play for Chivas, no matter where he was born,” the Dutchman told a press conference in Guadalajara.

Chivas has historically been an all-Mexican club, though owner Jorge Vergara has stretched that rule in recent years by bringing in U.S.-born players of Mexican descent.

The Dutchman’s stance would appear to open the door for nationalized citizens born elsewhere, many of which ply their trades in the Liga MX.

The citizenship process can be relatively quick in Mexico, and naturalization makes foreign players more  marketable as they no longer count against the league’s on-field foreigner limits. Allowing naturalized players could potentially open up a world of possibilities for Chivas, including bringing foreign players into the club’s world class youth programs.

Club officials were quick to reign in Cruyff’s remarks, saying that the former Barcelona star was referring only to players of Mexican descent born overseas.