Giovani dos Santos hits out at Sevilla

The Mexican international was hoping to sign with the Spanish club but instead found himself on the outside looking in before inking with Mallorca.
On the eve a possible debut for Mallorca, Giovani Dos Santos lamented the failure to sign with Sevilla over the summer, saying he believed the Spanish club was set to make an offer that never came.

“I waited for Sevilla for a long time, and at the end, nothing. They were never very clear with me,” Dos Santos told Spanish press ahead of Mallorca’s visit to Sevilla on Monday night.

“[They said] don’t worry, we’ll arrange it. I waited until the last day of the transfer window. There were offers from other clubs, but I decided to bet on Sevilla. In the end, I ended up on the sideline.”

After an extended transfer saga as the Mexican star looked to exit Tottenham, Dos Santos finally managed to relocate to Mallorca on the last day of August.

Due to a lingering injury picked up during Mexico’s Olympic run, he has yet to debut for his new club, which currently stands eighth in the Spanish La Liga table. Ironically, Dos Santos’ first action of the season could come Monday in Sevilla.
“I think Sevilla was never willing to bet on me, and the best example is that now I’m in Mallorca,” said Dos Santos.