Chicharito: I'm thankful Azteca loss to USA came in a friendly

Hernandez was not able to score despite several chances that were either flubbed or saved by Tim Howard.
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MEXICO CITY -- Perhaps it was leftover rust from the summer. Maybe just a bad night. Or even a bit of anxiety stemming from the thought of more competition at Manchester United.

Whatever it was, Javier Hernandez did not perform to usual standards at the Estadio Azteca on Wednesday night against the United States. On the back of Mexico's historic loss to its northern rival, Hernandez found solace in the fact that the match was not part of an official competition.

"It was a friendly. Thank God there were no points involved," the Manchester United striker said.

In the second half, the former Chivas man flubbed a header off a cross by Elias Hernandez. Later on, a deflected shot of his was saved dramatically by Howard after it appeared to have beaten him. In the end, the failure to score cost Mexico the game.

"Unfortunately, we lost. I think that not one Mexican player wants to lose, but we gave our effort out there," Hernandez noted. "We have to keep working, learn from our mistakes and grow from them."

Following the match, Hernandez would not address rumors that placed him away from Old Trafford the next season. Various Mexican outlets had placed Hernandez at Arsenal or Juventus following Robin van Persie's signing.

However, Eduardo Hernandez, Chicharito's agent, denied that he would look for opportunities elsewhere.

"It's all press speculation. We're not looking for a transfer. Unless the team says otherwise, which they haven't, our intent is to have Javier fulfill his contract," Hernandez stated.

Brent Latham provided reporting from Mexico City.

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