Marco Fabian pushes on to final after 'unforgettable' semifinal win over Japan

The Chivas forward scored his first goal of the tournament off a corner kick taken by Giovani dos Santos in the first half.
LONDON -- Marco Fabian shined for Mexico at just the right time after a shaky start to the Olympic tournament put him under the media microscope.

The Chivas player scored a crucial goal for El Tri in the first half against Japan after the CONCACAF champs fell behind early en route to a 3-1 in the semifinals at Wembley.

"This isn't over, we're going for it all," said an excited Fabian after the match. "We want gold, right now we have silver and we have to think about winning the final. I have to thank God for these last 90 minutes, they are unforgettable."

Fabian scored his first goal of the tournament when Giovani dos Santos crossed in a corner kick that was touched on by Jorge Enriquez. Sitting a couple of yards in front of goal, Fabian guided the ball in with his head to make it 1-1.

Later on, Oribe Peralta and Javier Cortes would score go-ahead goals for Mexico in order for El Tri to clinch its first Olympic final.

Following a rough start after he was tipped to be one of Mexico's biggest offensive threats, Fabian was quick to reference the attention he had received in the early stages of the tournament.

"I want to thank those who have always been with me for their support, [I'd like to thank] those who weren't, too," he said. "This is my reward after so much work, effort and time. Now we must go along the same road."

Additional reporting for this story was provided from Mike Slane.

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