Herculez Gomez: Sanction for Liga MX labor quotes 'out of my hands'

The new Code of Ethics published by the Liga MX could see Gomez reprimanded for his quotes, although the interview was filmed five months ago, according to the striker.
Herculez Gomez headed a press conference last Thursday in Torreon, Mexico, to clarify comments in an interview with Marca made about the Liga MX's labor practices.

Gomez said that it was "unjust" for media outlets to relay his quotes five months after the interview had been given, despite Marca's decision to publish its story on July 19.

"I'd like to say that the interview was five months ago, in February," Gomez stated. "I think it's unjust that other media outlets are using those quotes with the current context of the league."

Regarding his experience at Puebla, his sale to Pachuca and discovery of the so-called Gentlemen's Pact which prevents free agency in Mexico, the U.S. striker considered his quotes taken "out of context" to suit current news topics.

"At the time, I talked about what happened then and what I felt about [my transfer between Puebla and Pachuca]", the current Santos Laguna striker said.

Last Monday, a new Code of Ethics was presented to the media at the presentation for the newly-baptized Liga MX, which could reprimand players for controversial statements in public.

"I hope not," answered Gomez to whether he thought he could be fined or suspended. "It's something that happened five months ago and for there to be consequences now is difficult, but it's out of my hands.

"What I can do is respect any decision and take it like a man when it comes," he concluded.

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