Herculez Gomez hits out at 'inhuman' labor agreement in Liga MX

The Santos Laguna striker and U.S. men's national team player criticized the way player contracts are handled in the Mexican league.
Herculez Gomez made an instant splash after arriving in the Mexican Primera two years ago and signing for Puebla.

His 10 goals in the Apertura 2010 won him that tournament's Golden Boot award, which made him all the more attractive to other clubs. But as Gomez stated in an interview to Marca, his exit from the club was tumultous.

"They told me in Puebla, 'You're going to play where we say,'" Gomez revealed to the newspaper. "'Do you know what the Gentlemen's Pact is? You're not a free player, Herculez. Even though you don't have a contract with us, we keep your rights.'"

Gomez stated that the unspoken agreement between clubs doesn't allow for free agency, as players have to answer to their old clubs even after their contracts expire.

"It's something that goes against human labor laws. For me, the worst part of Mexican football are the promoters," the striker told Marca.

From Puebla, Gomez moved to Pachuca. Later, to Estudiantes Tecos in Guadalajara before landing at Santos Laguna.

The American striker minimized the possibility that an individual resisting the system could make a difference, as teams have been known to penalize them harshly.

"In the past, when a player says something or does something [about it], the team punishes him and makes him out to be an example. It's not like in Spain or the United States where you can go on strike."

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