No goal-line technology yet for Liga MX, says president

Decio de Maria explained that it might take up to a full year for Mexico to implement the new FIFA ruling on technology.
The new ruling that will see FIFA-sanctioned competitions integrate goal-line technology will not see implementation in Mexico until at least 2013, Liga MX President Decio de Maria announced.

"I don't see us putting this in on the short term," de Maria explained during a press conference in Mexico City. "There are still many decisions left to be made on the topic."

De Maria insisted that the status quo in terms of refereeing in Mexico is just fine for the new league. Previously, FIFA had suggested that Mexico adopt a system similar to the EURO, in which five referees were used, two specifically monitoring the goal lines.

"We have to evaluate the costs of these proposed changes and evaluate them to know how much money we're talking about," de Maria argued.

While a meeting with owners is scheduled for next Monday, the top official for the Liga MX revealed that the main topic of discussion will be proposals to give fans a better experience and increase attendance as well as TV ratings.

Lastly, de Maria praised the league's teams during the current off-season, hailing important signings like Raul Tamudo, Nery Castillo, Efrain Juarez, Pablo Barrera and Fidel Martinez as a sign that the level of play will increase in the Apertura 2012.

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