Dennis Alas: We had Mexico against the wall

The Luis Angel Firpo midfielder was disheartened after El Salvador could not hold onto a draw late in the game.
After losing a match at home in front of a boisterous home crowd, El Salvador captain Dennis Alas was left searching for answers after dropping three points to Mexico in the Cuscatlan.

"We leave here saddened," explained the elder of the Alas brothers. "The coach has made this group into a family, so this defeat really gets to us."

A sellout crowd of 50,000 pushed El Salvador on for most of the gritty first half and awoke in the second half when the Azul y Blanco drew level off a free kick. Alas was grateful for their support.

"We need to thank the fans, today we received the support of [50,000] fans, not only them but the millions of Salvadorians abroad," the Luis Angel Firpo midfielder said.

El Salvador dominated parts of the match and stifled Mexico's prolific striker Javier Hernandez throughout the game, facts not lost on Alas.

"Mexico is the favorite to go to the World Cup and we had it against the wall for a good part of the game," said Alas.

With El Salvador mired in third place after two matches, Alas asked fans not to lose hope and await better times.

"I saw 11 Salvadorian warriors out there. We think we matched the quality of players who make $100,000 a month compared to us who make $2,000 a month," Alas concluded.

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