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The 29-year-old striker was born in Mexico to Spanish parents, and currently stars for Second Division CD Guadalajara in Spain.

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Aníbal Zurdo's career path is close to taking him from Guadalajara, Spain to Guadalajara, Mexico.

The Mexican-born striker confirmed this Friday that Chivas has come in contact with his agent to attempt signing him for the Apertura 2012 season.

"My agent's told me about this, yes, but there's nothing concrete yet," said Zurdo in an interview with La Ciudad Deportiva.

Zurdo, born to Spanish parents in Tabasco, Mexico, is no stranger to transfer rumors from his native country, as Puebla was the most recent suitor for his services just six months ago.

CD Guadalajara, the Second Division team currently in possession of his contract, asked for over 300,000 euros, derailing the potential transfer last December.

However, his contractual situation clears up at the end of the month, allowing Zurdo to potentially join Chivas on a free transfer.

"Yes, I'm about to be free. In 10 more days I can sign on for whichever team I want."

Signing Zurdo would carry a risk for Chivas, as the team has not fielded a non-Mexican player since 1908. Despite Zurdo being born in the country, his Spanish accent and the fact he has not lived in the country for most of his life would most likely draw controversy.

"I'd like to play in the country where I was born, I feel like a Spaniard but I'm Mexican-born," Zurdo said. "[Chivas' philosophy is] a little different, because Spaniards look at Mexicans like brothers, we're countries that have been united thanks to history as well as football."

John Van't Schip, Chivas' manager, has stated that he is interested in signing the player. Zurdo scored six goals with Guadalajara in 2011-12 league play. Previously, Zurdo played for Valencia B and Leganés, among other clubs.

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