Sporting KC's Omar Bravo would like to return to Mexican national team in future

The 31-year-old forward knows coming back to El Tri could be difficult as he continues to recover from a sports hernia injury.

Watching the Gold Cup may have inspired Omar Bravo even more to continue his hopes of once again playing for the Mexican national team.

Despite the fact that Major League Soccer is not a league that usually dominates El Tri's call-up list and that he is already past that magical age of 30, the Sporting Kansas City forward knows that his talent could be enough get him back in a Mexico uniform.

"I need to get in rhythm to even think about that. I'm coming out of a surgery, I'm not 100 percent physically," he said. "But, I don't know. A lot of things can happen, I do know that. If you're doing well for your club, that's the first step for anyone to take a look at you and have you in consideration."

Bravo, who last year became Sporting KC's first designated player, is still recovering from a sports hernia injury he suffered in April. He returned to Sporting's lineup last month.

If he does get another shot at returning to Mexico's team, Bravo will have to compete with names like Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez and Aldo d Nigris, who have guided El Tri to the Gold Cup final against the United States. It's safe to say Bravo is cautiously optimistic of a return.

"They [Mexico] are playing like a team now, that's really important," Bravo said. "I think that in these Gold Cup matches they've really set the tone for their performances, and that's why they've reached the final. They achieved it by their own merits."

Bravo believes there is no favorite in Saturday's final, but he has "a lot of faith" in his home country to come out on top.

"This is a final. These games are made to win, and nothing else. It doesn't matter if you play well or play badly as long as you get the job done. With that said, I have a lot of faith in Mexico. The team is reaching a high level under Chepo [coach Jose Manuel de la Torre] and that needs to be reflected on the pitch."

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